About Andrea


Once upon a time…

There was a little girl who couldn’t decide who or what she wanted to be when she grew up. There were so many possibilities – like being an airline pilot, a horse trainer, or a writer.

How could she choose?

She was told, by those older and wiser, that getting a good education and good job was the answer to life-long fulfillment and success. She was told the way to reach that nirvana was to find a career and stick with it. This, she was assured, was the one true path. To achieve it, she must set aside her childish dreams and forget about them.

So she tried. A multitude of things.

She became a lawyer. A realtor. An economic development professional. A college administrator. And a few other things in between.

As she made the journey to find the one thing she was supposed to find, she encountered many scary, fearsome things.

What were they? Confusion. Self-doubt. Disappointment. Failure. And endless choices.

Yet, each time she battled with these frightening creatures, she emerged a bit stronger with a deeper and deeper knowledge of herself.

Along the way, she discovered that although her older and wiser advisors had meant well, they were wrong.

The key to life-long fulfillment and success for her was not to choose one thing and stick with it; for to do so, meant ignoring her essential self – the self that loved exploring the possibilities, acting on new ideas, learning what she came to learn, doing what she came to do, and moving on to the next thing. The self that knew a well-lived life was more than a job or an important title.

She realized her essential self loved a multitude of things and that was OK. It was her one true path.

She gave herself permission to try things – jobs, hobbies, businesses, ideas- if and when she wanted. If and when it felt right to her.

And, the world opened up.

Her world became infinitely interesting because she made choices that aligned with her true self – rich with ideas, experiences, and people.

She decided to rely on her own wisdom and write her own story. She now knew that the one true path had many branches, trails, lanes, and corridors.

She was so moved by this understanding that she wanted to share what she had learned and create a community of individuals who were engaged in embracing their possibilities and crafting lives they loved.

So amultitudeofthings was born.

Of course, the story isn’t over yet.

As with all good stories, the end is just the beginning. Much more is waiting to be embraced, crafted, and loved.

Nor is your story over.

You may feel like you need to make up your mind or choose the one thing that will bring you the most satisfaction or success. You may feel like you are in the midst of battling fearsome creatures. You may feel like you’ve forgotten that you had a choice to begin with.

Let’s craft a new story, one full of infinite possibility.

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