Agatha Christie’s Mystery Success Formula

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I love mystery novels. Although some people might read them to solve the mystery, I have no interest in doing so. Instead, I prefer to follow the twists and turns of the journey as a happy, clueless observer. This practice allows my mind to relax and decompress.

Every year, around the holidays, I start my ritual of reading holiday-related mysteries. I have a small collection that I bring out to enjoy each year and it doesn’t say much for my memory that I am pleasantly surprised every time to discover who the culprit is.

This year, as I was reading Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, my normal relaxed state was disturbed by the following statement. It literally jumped off the page.

For success in life … one has to pursue the career one wants, one has to satisfy such artistic leanings as one has got, but one has as well to be a tradesman. You have to sell your wares. Otherwise you are tied to carrying out other people’s ideas in a way which will not accord with one’s own.

In simplest terms, this statement seems to capture the formula for successfully making a living in alignment with one’s own creative vision – whether that includes entreprenership or not.

  • Work you like.
  • Work that satisfies your creativity.
  • Work you can sell to others.

For some of us, we might know what kind of work we like but might not be able to sell it. For others, we might find that we can sell the work we are doing but don’t especially like it because the work doesn’t satisfy our deepest creative needs. Others still might be at the starting gate searching for work they enjoy.

And you have to be able to solve for all three.

In order to crack the success mystery, we must become detectives in our own lives. We cannot be clueless observers. We must pay close attention to the details of what we like (and don’t), what inspires us (and what doesn’t), what comes naturally to us (and what doesn’t), and what we are willing to do (or not).

In doing so, the mystery can be solved and the real magic can happen. If we can find the answers to all three of these elements, we become unstoppable. We have energy and meaning behind our efforts. We can create the businesses we dream of having or we can be the best employees in the company we work for. Because we know what makes us tick, we can sell ourselves, our ideas, and our work.

Become a detective. Search. Find out. Unravel the mystery of living according to your own lights.

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Ronna October 31, 2010 at

Could you possibly be smarter – or more creative? Love this, Andrea!!!
Ronna recently posted..Welcoming Resistance


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