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A recently-retired friend periodically sends me emails detailing her new life. Each message I receive announces the latest thing she is exploring. Line dancing. Making jewelry. Last week, it was billiards.

Between the lines of her messages, I sense her growing delight and excitement at discovering fun and interesting things to do. Her words literally glow from the intensity of being fully engaged. If I were to see her in person, I’m sure she would be shining. Absolutely brilliant with joy.

Contrast this with a conversation I just had with someone close to me.

Me:  So, how are things?

Her:  Fine.

Me:  What are you up to these days?

Her:  Not much.

Me:  Is there anything new or interesting going on in your life?

Her:  No. Just busy with work.

Me:  Did I tell you about the classes my friend is taking? She’s having a great time. Is there anything you would like to try? To learn?

Her:  Not really.

Me:  Oh.

Have you ever given these same responses? Had this same conversation? At some points in my life, I know I have. Distinctly not-so-brilliant. In fact, distinctly dull. And, a bit sad.

There is a certain vividness that enters our lives when we take the time to explore an interest, however briefly. To find out what brings us joy. What makes our hearts beat faster. What makes us glow with happiness.

It is an energy that multiplies once we start down the path of discovery. Life becomes really interesting and amazing when we are actually interested in it.

Books. Classes. Conversations. It doesn’t take much to experience new and different things. But, we have to take the time to make discoveries. We have to make the space for a little luster in our lives.

Have you?

Make space for brilliance.

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susie@newdaynewlesson March 14, 2011 at

I am at the point right now where I need to take time off to do nothing. LOL
susie@newdaynewlesson recently posted..Evil Helps Us Appreciate Goodness


Andrea March 14, 2011 at

And, that can be a good thing as well! Thanks, Susie. :)


Diane Easley March 14, 2011 at

This line really resonated with me today Andrea: “We have to make the space for a little luster in our lives”. I have been discouraged about how difficult it has been to get people signed up to go on this amazing trip to Bhutan (The country with the Gross National Happiness Index) in November (we will be there on 11/11/11). Then reading your line reminds me that I have not been making the space in my OWN life for this trip to happen…so, how can I expect anyone ELSE to? Oops! Now, I am off to get rid of some things that I have wanted to let go for a while. I bet creating this space will be powerful! Thanks.
Diane Easley recently posted..Goddesses and Dragons Trip to Bhutan


Andrea March 14, 2011 at

Ooohhh, Diane! What an exciting trip you have planned!! I hope everyone checks out what you have on offer. Thank you for sharing your amazing vision and dazzling brilliance.


Diane Easley March 14, 2011 at

Thank you Andrea!
Diane Easley recently posted..Goddesses and Dragons Trip to Bhutan


Sandra March 15, 2011 at

The thing about adding new and interesting activities into our lives is about being present. How many times have we driven the road home from work only to arrive and realize we don’t remember the trip. The routine becomes automatic and it can dull our senses if we let it. New adventures keep us keen and they tantalize our senses (all of them). When we embark on a new activity, we get to see the world through fresh eyes. I think of my students who only see their inability to draw. When they give into the process and become present in the activity, they start to see their skills with a new fresh attitude. They see possibility where there was only doubt. Wonder sparks the imagination, delivers potential and the universe becomes our playground.


Andrea March 15, 2011 at

Again, so perceptive, Sandra. I always appreciate your insights. Thank you!


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