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To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.  ~Phyllis Theroux

When was the last time you sent a love letter?  An odd question, I know, given that I am in the middle of my 30 day experiment around money.  But hang with me here a moment.  Love letters are tender, thoughtful reflections of what our hearts most desire.  Filled with hope.  Longing.  Love.

A friend of mine sent me a love letter the other day and it took my breath away with its originality and authenticity. 

My friend is a brilliant and highly creative woman.  She has struggled to fit into what the rest of us would call a career track.  Climbing a ladder of any sort does not interest her.  Instead, she has forged her own path building businesses and extraordinary networks.  She is genuinely interested in people and living an authentic, creative life.  As a result, her life and work experiences do not fit any traditional mold. 

Like many of us, my friend has been impacted by the economic downturn and is looking for work.  Instead of applying for job after job and becoming discouraged, she has written what I call a love letter.  In it, she talks about her hopes and desires:  to work in the same neighborhood in which she lives.  She describes herself and her talents with humor and love.  She asks for a yet unknown job opportunity with an open heart. 

Now she is waiting to see what shows up.  Fabulous.  Bold.  Original.

In thinking about the money we want in our lives, how often do we actually let people know that we are interested in making money?  Have you ever sent an email to your friends or your network letting them know the types of opportunities you would be interested in?  The type of work you might want?  The things you would like to sell?  Have you just asked?

I haven’t.  And, in thinking about it, I find that weird.  After all, my networks are filled with the people who would be most interested in helping me achieve my goals.  They already know me and the things I can do.

My day will be spent writing a love letter.  Expressing what I want and need.  Asking.  With love.  With hope.  With an open heart.  Doesn’t that sound like a fun thing to do to have more money come my way?

What would your love letter say?

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Leisa LaDell September 18, 2010 at

Aw…wonderful idea. Reminds me of being in Jr. High & High School when my girlfriends and I used to always buy each other greeting cards, and say how much our friendship meant. I still have those cards. I should go dig them out. I remember feeling really loved.

So…part of what my love letter would say: “I am looking for MyLove, MyGuy, MyMrWonderful. I am ready to meet him. If you know a man who is active, smart, playful and kind (oh, and single & looking) – I would love to meet him. I promise to be a charming and delightful date. And who knows, we might even hit it off.”

I like the idea of also writing a love letter to the universe, or God, or whomever it is you believe to be the source of life and making that same request. That letter, I have already written.

Thanks for another wonderful post. Can’t wait to see that letter.
Leisa LaDell recently posted..Lonely petunia – A case for action


Andrea September 18, 2010 at

We may be looking for the same guy! :) Making the ask is the most important thing. If you don’t tell anyone what you are looking for, how will they know to send it (money/work/the perfect guy) your way when they stumble across it/him? Thanks for ASKING!!


Sandi Amorim September 18, 2010 at

This post inspired me but in an unexpected way. I ended up writing a love letter to myself. By the end of the piece, I was sitting at my desk enjoying a little love fest and feeling so very grateful.

Unexpected gifts from the money experiment! I love it!
Sandi Amorim recently posted..I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead


susana October 13, 2010 at

Just came across ur website – would loove to read this love letter :-) oxox


Andrea October 13, 2010 at

So glad to have you here!


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