Day 18 – The Ripple Effect


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By now, if you are a regular visitor to my site, you will have realized something looks different about it. It is fresh. New. And totally gorgeous if I do say so myself! It has undergone a complete transformation made possible by awesome talent and heartfelt generosity.

I love it. I am so grateful for it.

On day 18 of my 30 day experiment around money, I find myself considering the importance of meaningful connections and being generous in our relationships with others. Generous with our time. Insights. Support. Encouragement. Talent. All of these pay dividends in ways we cannot even imagine. The very act of connecting sets things in motion, like ripples in a pond.

I know because I have been the beneficiary of these things. Connections. Ripples.

Venturing into the blogosphere was, for me, like taking a trip to the North Pole. No idea how to get there. What to do. What to expect. Would I even like it once I got there?

Three women have helped me make the journey.

Ronna helped me get started and has sustained me through my ups and downs. A brilliant, truth-telling woman who makes writing (and figuring out the how to’s of all this stuff) seem easy, she has offered countless hours of support, encouragement and inspiration.

Rita helped me believe that I might be saying something worthwhile. An award-winning poet whose way with words has always made me want to be a better writer (even back in high school), she has shared her insights with me so that I know that my words matter.

Amanda helped make my vision a reality. Actually, I didn’t even know what my vision was but somehow she was able to see what I couldn’t. She captured me. This beautiful website is the result of the generous provision of her talent.

I’ve been touched by their ripples. The goodness they send out into the world.

The gifts I received from these women were all about connections. Connections I didn’t expect to make. Connections I made without knowing where they would lead. I connected with Ronna in a class I joined to learn something, not necessarily to garner a new friend. I reconnected with Rita after 27 years with no idea what would come of reestablishing a friendship I had as a young woman. I connected with Amanda because I accepted a spur-of-the-moment invitation to dinner, sat next to her and enjoyed her amazing energy in action.

Connections. Ripples. Leading to friendship, support, resources, and maybe even money. Who knows how far the ripples can take you?

What one fun thing will I do today to have more money come my way? Today, I think it must be about connection. Connecting with those who I have neglected. Connecting with those I don’t know. Connecting to offer support and encouragement to someone who might not even know they need it. Connecting to set things in motion.

Who will you connect with today? Whose world will you touch? The result may surprise you.

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Rita September 21, 2010 at

Andrea, your blog is beautiful! It’s got style and substance. I’m so glad to know that you’ve gotten something valuable from our reconnection. I believe in serendipity, which are connections that we couldn’t plan, don’t expect, but that feel meant to be. All the best things in my life have come through serendipitous routes. I can’t wait to see what happens in yours. Thanks to your blog, I know I will get to!


Andrea September 21, 2010 at

Thanks, Rita! Yes, there is definitely something to serendipity … love it, love it, love it. Little gifts we didn’t even know we were going to receive. What could be better than that?


Angel September 21, 2010 at

Serendipity. Synchronicity. Yes. Yes. Oh I do love them; and ripples, I love ripples too. I’ve been continually amazed, over the last several weeks, with where I’ve been led through following seemingly ‘random’ synchronicities… the connections created from the ripples that fan out around these small events. It’s been so exciting, and I’m coming across such fun resources (like this one, and Ronna’s site, and Rita’s site!).

‘Who knows how far the ripples can take you’. Yes. (I can’t wait to find out!) :-)
Angel recently posted..Sunrise- sunset


Andrea September 21, 2010 at

Thanks, Angel! I’m all about fun stuff. :) And, serendipity and synchronicity play big roles in making fun stuff happen.


Ronna September 21, 2010 at

Thank you for your kind words, my friend. And of course, the seredendipity, connection, ripple, and effect has certainly come my way,as well…over and over again. Along with the fun, yes, and much, much gratitude.
Ronna recently posted..One Year Ago Today OK…Yesterday


Andrea September 21, 2010 at

You are most welcome!


Sandi Amorim September 21, 2010 at

Connection. Earlier today I told someone how much I love connecting with people and how simple and graceful it can be when I give up my expectations. So simple it moves me to tears sometimes. Connecting with you, as yet only virtual has been a gift. I feel it, although I can’t explain it. So when I think of the money experiment I now think gratitude and abundance along with the fun.
Sandi Amorim recently posted..The Letter Love Wrote


Andrea September 21, 2010 at

Wow. So, so beautiful. I can hardly wait to connect in person … if only you would quit launching new projects and going on vacation! :) Thanks, Sandi!!!


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