Day 29 – Rich Feelings


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What makes you feel wealthy? Well off? Abundant? Rolling in money? I imagine it is different for all of us. Some of us might need to see a substantial bank balance. Others might need to have all of their credit cards paid off monthly. And yet others might just be happy if the fridge is filled with good food.

We all have different wealth meters. On day 29 of my 30 day experiment around money, I’m pondering what makes me feel as though I am rolling in riches. I think this is important because I believe like attracts like. 

Remember when you were a kid on the playground and all the popular kids hung out together? It’s like they had a special radar detector that identified the cool kids from the un-cool kids. I think it is the same way with money. If I feel rich, I project rich so what comes my way is rich. Because rich likes rich. That’s my theory anyway.

What one fun thing will I do today to have more money come my way? I will be identifying my wealth triggers and finding the talismans that will prompt me so I can be in a blissful state of rich feelings whenever I need to go there.

This is about finding symbols that create feelings. It isn’t about going out and spending money like a mad-person just to feel like you are rich. The goal is to change your internal landscape through small gestures.

Consider these simple rich-thought actions:

  • Putting a $50.00 bill in your wallet, not for spending, but to remind yourself that you have all the money you want or need.
  • Taking your bank balance or credit card statements and changing the numbers to reflect what you think should be in there.
  • Writing yourself a sizable check and putting it in the mail to yourself. (Imagine the joy at opening that envelope and thinking of the many more to come your way!)
  • Printing off an itinerary of a fabulous trip that you would like to take, perfect in every rich detail, so that you can see it every time you open your purse or briefcase.
  • Buying a key ring for your dream car.

Whatever makes you feel rich, find a small token of that one thing. Look at it. Carry it with you. Let it remind you of what it feels like to have all that you want and desire. All the money you need.

What small thing would make you feel rich?

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