Day 31 or What I Really Learned


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It is the day after my 30 day experiment around money. You may be wondering what I actually learned by going through this process. If you have been with me since the beginning, you know the whole point of the experiment was to remember that money is fun and to look at fun ways to bring more of it into my life.

Did I have fun? Yes. Did I bring more money into my life? Yes. Did I learn anything? Yes.

  1. Money is just money. It only has the power you give it. So if you think it is fun, it will be. If you think it is a powerful beast ready to destroy your being, it will be.
  2. In order to have more money come your way, you actually have to do something.
  3. The old adage that “jewelry is an investment and you can always sell it if you have to” is stupid. Yes, you can sell it if you want to get back about a quarter of what you paid for it.
  4. Getting rid of stuff and converting it to cash feels awesome. EBay. Craigslist. Garage sales. Just do it.
  5. Changing your money consciousness is no different than changing any other habit. You just have to focus on it consistently. Having a money mantra like, “what one fun thing will I do today to have more money come my way,” totally helps – I swear I’m dreaming it now. A public declaration of your intention doesn’t hurt either. (You kept me honest.)
  6. You must really decide and acknowledge how much money you want and need. Understanding your numbers and owning them is key. I’ve got my number firmly in place – finally – and there is tremendous relief in knowing what that number is.
  7. It’s ok to want what you want.
  8. Knowing what motivates you to have money is critical. For me, it comes down to two things: time freedom and family. Having the time to spend as I choose and being able to be there for my family is really important to me.
  9. Ideas for having more money are plentiful. You just have to act. (See number 2 above.)
  10. Be responsible with your financial documents and your small change. It’s just another way of focusing your attention on your money and shifting your money consciousness.
  11. The critic in your head that tells you that you can’t have what you want can be turned into someone you can work with if you just think about them as a friend. Really. It works.
  12. Setting multiple things in motion is fun. It is like sending out little trial balloons … will they reach their destination or crash and burn? Fun.
  13. Even if you want more money (or maybe because you do), you must – absolutely must – be grateful for all that you already have. It keeps you in a state of abundant thinking. Far more powerful than coming from a place of scarcity.
  14. Creative visualization is fun and can contribute positively to your state of abundant thinking.
  15. Remember to take care of yourself and rest. If you aren’t rested, you won’t be having any fun.
  16. Good things are happening all the time – even if we don’t seem them – so remember to trust and relax.
  17. Help others. Give. It does come back to you … you just never know what form it will take. Live in a state of positive expectation and be delighted by what comes your way.
  18. Putting yourself out there and asking for what you want does actually work. When I posted a little “love letter” on my Facebook page, someone referred me to a friend. (This goes back to number 2 above.)
  19. Making money is a highly creative process. Just think of it as another way to indulge your passion for creativity.
  20. Asking ourselves good questions creates better answers. Instead of asking myself why I could never seem to achieve my financial goals (answer: because I’m an undisciplined flake), I started asking myself why I had “x” number of dollars flowing to me each month (answer: because I’m a creative, totally deserving, make-it-happen kind of gal). A total shift in perspective.
  21. Connecting authentically with people matters. You never know where your next income stream or opportunity might come from.
  22. Having fun with money should be on your list of daily priorities. What can it hurt?
  23. It’s ok to try new and goofy things in an effort to make money. Perfection does not matter. Trying does. (See number 2 above.)
  24. Money will come to you but you must be in the game. Playing. Putting things in motion. (See number 2 above.)
  25. Don’t forget to promote yourself and let people know what your special talents are. If you don’t do this, you can be pretty sure that money isn’t going to come your way. Don’t fall victim to the failure-to-shine syndrome.
  26. Admitting that you don’t know everything there is to know about money is not shameful. It is a step in the right direction and will open the door to more money coming your way. Don’t be afraid to ask for a money mentor.
  27. Inspire yourself about money and abundance in ways that are meaningful to you through symbolic gestures (like describing money as a flourishing plant), by reading how others have created more money in their lives, or by creating opportunities to talk about money with others.
  28. It is ok to say no to a money opportunity – just be sure you know why you are saying no. It will help the right kind of money come your way sooner.
  29. Those who keep trying, even after something didn’t work out the way they expected, will see more money come their way. If you don’t keep going, you can be pretty sure nothing will come your way. (See number 2 above.)
  30. Remember – always – that money is fun.

Are there lessons you learned from this experiment?

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Ronna October 5, 2010 at

I was hit and miss throughout these 30 days. Reading everyday but admittedly, not doing something fun on each one. You, however, with your consistency and creativity have shown me how much my perspective impacts not only the end-game, but every moment in the midst. The roots of money’s hold run deep. To dig up some of them and nurture others is hard, hard work.

I’m grateful for the hard work you’ve done and the fruit it’s made manifest for me.

Winsome. Witty. Wise. Beautiful. All you, Andrea. Celebrate 30 Days (+1) of gift to all of us!
Ronna recently posted..Happy Birthday- extravagant- defiant woman- Mom


Andrea October 5, 2010 at

I so appreciate you and your support! Every day is a new day … try something fun. :)


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