Why Drawing on Your Brain is a Must-Do for Popping Your Dreams into Living Color

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Dreams and desires. They make your heart beat faster and cause your spirits to soar. They give you pleasure as you imagine yourself already living in the “what-if.” Pure bliss.

Dreams and desires. You love them.

Dreams and desires. You’d give anything to make them real … if only you knew the what and the how. The tension between the longing and the desired outcome makes you weep with frustration, shake your fists in the air, and wonder, “why can’t I have what I see in my mind’s eye?” Pure torture.

Dreams and desires. You hate them.

But you don’t have to.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Patti Dobrowolski who has written a book called Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life. I’ve read it. It’s fabulous – especially if you are looking for a new way to tap your dreams and make them real. (Please note this is an affiliate link. If you decide to buy the book through my site, I may get a bit of cash. You can also go directly to Amazon or Patti’s site, if you wish.)

Patti’s premise for the book, and her work, is based on brain science:

Drawing your dreams and desires puts the brain’s editing function on pause thereby allowing it (you) to more fully see what’s possible for yourself.

I admit, at first, I didn’t want to try to draw my dreams because … well, I can’t really draw. Stick figures are about the extent of my repertoire. However, I got over myself, grabbed my daughter’s colored pencils, and just started.

The results were amazing. Things I hadn’t consciously given voice to popped out on paper. And, when I was finished, the whole thing was there – in living color – and it was so cool.

I fell in love with my dreams and desires all over again.

To get a taste of what Patti’s talking about check, out her TEDx talk below. Then get busy … your dreams and desires are waiting.



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Callahan McDonough April 24, 2013 at

I have a very big ditto to this TEDx talk, affirming for me. The artist in me is saying ‘of course, the power of pictures’.
love it.
thanks Andrea.


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