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Blue. Green. Brown. Violet. Hazel. Gray. The gorgeous colors of the windows to our souls. Who could resist gazing into them? Who could resist enjoying the beauty of the many shades of color that make up our eyes?

With the exception of our friends and family, most of us do not bother to look into the eyes of the people who cross our paths on a daily basis. The attendant making change at the parking garage. The person brushing past us on the sidewalk. The woman juggling multiple tasks at the customer service counter.

We simply do not make eye contact. We do not see. We remain unseen.

I was at an event recently where the attendees were supposed to be focused on securing work. A group of 30 people filled a room – each of them sharing a common challenge – yet none of them made eye contact with each other. They did not look. They did not see. And, to my way of thinking, they missed an opportunity to give and receive.

Making eye contact requires us to stop and see another person – even for a brief moment. It allows them to see us – even for a brief moment. Potentially scary, I know. We wonder whether we will like what we see. We wonder whether they will like what they see. In that moment of eye contact, we are exposed.

Eye contact also creates a chance for connection. It opens the door to “hello, how are you, what brings you here, maybe I can help you, I know someone, you have a nice smile, I love your personality.” Potentially fabulous, I believe. A little moment of risk and exposure that can lead us to compliments, connections and unforeseen opportunity.

Remember that room of 30 people? I made eye contact with a woman. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of green. Out of that connection, I learned a bit about her and what she was looking for. I was able to leave her with a piece of information that she might have forgotten:  that she had a wonderful smile and an engaging, outgoing personality and that she would most certainly be just fine.

Can that possibly matter? I think so. I hope so.

So gaze. Make it a practice to see how many beautiful colors you can actually enjoy in a day. Expose yourself and see what comes your way. It might just be the thing you were looking for.

Do you make eye contact?

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Ronna October 8, 2010 at

As always, Andrea, beautifully written; beautifully felt.

And two eyes that I appreciate deeply? Yours. You consistently see me…even when I try and hide. ‘Love that. ‘Love you.
Ronna recently posted..No “7″ compares


Andrea October 8, 2010 at

So sweet!


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