Finding Solace When Life Has Other Plans


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The other morning I woke up feeling that I had lost my way. I found myself in a place where circumstances had conspired to send me. A place that I had not planned to go and my purpose there as yet unknown. I had arrived but…

What was I doing there?

Let me begin at the beginning of this particular journey.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that about a year ago I started helping a college president with strategic planning. It was a perfect part-time gig that allowed me to freely pursue all of my multitudes.

Then things changed.

I arrived at work ready for a regularly scheduled meeting with the president. He was late. It was very unlike him. Phone calls were made, and yet more phone calls, until we finally reached someone at his home. It turned out that he was never going to make the meeting.

He had died the previous day.

Then things really changed.

I was asked if I’d like to be considered for the position of interim president. Stepping into this particular possibility was fraught with unknowns. While the process unfolded, there wasn’t much time left for me and my multitudes. I stopped writing. I stopped connecting with my online community. I stopped thinking of new things to do and try.

Then things changed again.

An interim president was selected – and, it wasn’t me. Which turned out to be wonderfully OK. The new president asked me to come on board full-time to work on a few more initiatives. So I did.

Which is how I found myself at the unknown destination.

A place where I did not intend to be but am.

A place that makes me wonder what life has in store.

A place that affords me many things but brings with it choices about how I spend my time as well as who and what I have energy for.

But let’s go back to the beginning of this conversation. Back to the morning where I found myself feeling like I had lost my way.

On this particular morning, I was able to bring my daughter to school which isn’t often the case. As I was leaving the school grounds, I saw a visually-impaired man standing on the side of the road with his two children. He was shouting – to anyone who might hear – “Someone please help me!” He needed to get his children across the road. He could not find his way.

Wisely, he asked for help.

As I guided his children across the road, I thought to myself:

When you can’t see where you need to go and you feel lost, perhaps the best thing to do is to ask for help.

So I did.

I called a friend and told her my tale of woe and how I felt I had lost my way. When I had run out of words (and whines), she asked me, What is nourishing you right now?”

It was just the right question. Answering it brought me back to the present moment. In the present moment, I could not worry or wonder about why things had turned out the way they did or what steps I needed to take next.

It reminded me that the path is just the path. And that I wasn’t lost at all. I was right here – in the right place – for right now.

And perhaps, so are you.


Glad to be with you again and am looking forward to reconnecting!

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Glad to hear your voice again, Andrea. Looking forward to hearing what you’ve learned and where you’re hoping to go next. recently posted..How to find the perfect shower curtain


Lorrie Jones February 11, 2013 at

Thank you, Andrea, for such a lovely message and most timely for me. So often these past months I have found myself not wanting to be where I was. I have wanted life to be different – somehow more lucrative, more abundant, more fulfilling…more, more…And now I am becoming able to accept more and be at peace with my journey, just as it is. I have discovered this is no easy thing! But it’s possible.

Your post has left me feeling validated and not so alone….thank you, my friend. Blessings, Lorrie


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