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I’ve been poring over seed catalogues in anticipation of planting my first-ever “real” vegetable garden. The choices are mouthwateringly delicious and I can already imagine these gems growing in my garden.

But, first I have to plant the tiny, seemingly inconsequential things that will eventually transform my garden.

The birth of a garden is much like our lives. We have an opportunity to dream, plan for our desires, make choices, and plant the seeds that will put growth in motion.

There is no better time to look at what seeds we want to plant for the future than spring. Everything is fresh and new and full of possibility. Poised for an explosion of growth.

Unlike a vegetable garden, the seeds we plant in life do not necessarily come to fruition in a single growing season. Sometimes, the seeds are carried off by the wind and we do not know if they have landed in fertile soil until months later when we receive that unexpected phone call asking for more information. Other times, we make all the preparations and the seed lies dormant for whatever reason. No call. No interest. No action. Nothing.

If you’ve ever opened a seed packet, you may have noticed there are an abundance of seeds. The reason is simple:  not all seeds will flourish. Some won’t grow. Some will be eaten by birds. Some will have to make room for more vigorous plants. A lucky few will reach for the sun, growing into strong, vibrant, beautiful plants.

So, the secret is this: plant lots of seeds.

Reach out to interesting people. Follow up on your ideas, dreams, and desires. Sketch out a plan. Make phone calls. Have conversations. Take the time to connect in person. Take action. “Unstick” yourself by trying something new. Help others.

All of these things involve the planting of tiny, seemingly inconsequential seeds. Will they flourish or be eaten by birds? Who knows?

The key is to plant.

What seeds have you planted lately?


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Ronna March 25, 2011 at

Seeds. Seeds. Seeds. Planted whether I’ve been aware of such, intentional about such, or not. Grateful for tiny buds that are beginning to poke through the dark, cold soil. And, as always, grateful for your constant watering, my friend.
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Andrea March 26, 2011 at

So glad things are sprouting for you… Here’s to an abundant harvest!


Franclyn March 30, 2011 at

And before planting, make sure you properly prepare the soil ….. sometimes even what may seem like weeds is getting your soil ready for other things. Loosening the soil, adding nutrients, and otherwise preparing for the bounty to come.


Andrea March 30, 2011 at

Franclyn, you are so wise. “Even what may seem like weeds is getting your soil ready for other things.” Words to remember. Thank you!


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