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What you would do if you had all the money you needed and didn’t have to work? If you had the summer off? If you suddenly found yourself with an unscheduled week? If your appointments canceled and you had an unexpected free day? If you had an open lunch hour? If you had an extra 20 minutes before a doctor’s appointment?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Sometimes – more often than I would like to admit – I don’t have the answers. Instead, I flounder around aimlessly trying to think of something interesting to do other than to take a nap.

I love naps, but sometimes life needs a little bit of juice. A thrill or two to help you remember what the point is. To live richly. To savor experiences.

That’s why I am creating a thrill board. This board will be a repository for all of the interesting things I might want to do – small things and big things alike. Then, when I am at loose ends, I can simply pluck something off the board, go do it, and thrill myself with my own daring.

Consider these kinds of things for your own thrill board:

  • Local attractions you always forget about.
  • Retreats or magical trips that linger in your mind.
  • Sensual experiences like a foot massage, soaking in hot springs, or indulging in aromatherapy.
  • Interesting people you want to talk to, ask a question of, or get to know better. (It doesn’t matter if you know them.)
  • Lessons you’d like to take.
  • Languages you’d like to learn.
  • Things you’d like to cook or bake.
  • Museums or art exhibits that call to you.
  • Things you’d like to build.
  • Things you’d like to grow.
  • Traditions you might want to establish.
  • Restaurants to enjoy.

Get the idea? Think of it as going on a treasure hunt in your own life. Whenever you come across something – in the paper, online, in a magazine, in conversation – that you find interesting, intriguing, or just a bit thrilling, add it to your board. You will never be without inspiration.

In fact, you might just get a thrill walking by your board when you see all the delicious things you have to choose from.

Find the treasure. Get a thrill.

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Ronna February 28, 2011 at

Oooh, a “thrill board.” Love this idea! As always, you’re brilliant, inspiring, and fabulous.
Ronna recently posted..I want to be a dominatrix Or a prophet Maybe both


Andrea February 28, 2011 at

It does have a certain appeal, doesn’t it? :)


gee backhouse February 28, 2011 at

Choosing your own direction in this life is adventurous and rewarding. It can also be hard work. Actually it IS hard work! So your brilliant idea for a thrill list makes perfect sense. You can just pick off which thrill fits the moment, to bring balance back and revitalise the navigator within. Love it! Gee x
gee backhouse recently posted..Welcome to The Compass Lady


Andrea February 28, 2011 at

Oooh, “the navigator within” is brilliant! Thanks so much, Gee.


Vanessa Vinos February 28, 2011 at

A “thrill board” sounds fab. God! where would I start? I think I would need to make two as there is so much I would want to add to mine.
Very thought-provoking as always Andrea.


Andrea February 28, 2011 at

I know what you mean! I’ve got three cork boards set up right now … I’m ready to go and fill them up. Thanks, Vanessa!


Sandi Amorim February 28, 2011 at

This sounds so much more appealing than creating a vision board (somehow, those never worked for me!). I think I’ll start working on one this wee!
Sandi Amorim recently posted..The Love That Blew My Mind


Andrea February 28, 2011 at

I’ve struggled with vision boards as well. I find that I need something more fluid (and, dare I say, more thrilling?). Let me know how it turns out for you!


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