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I have always dreamed of going on an exotic vacation to Egypt where I would cruise the Nile sipping champagne and view the pyramids from the back of a steady camel.  Yes, I have a bit of an Agatha Christie fantasy going on but it appeals to my sense of adventure.  So far, this particular adventure has not come to pass.  But, I came close the other day. 

I rode a camel.  Our local zoo was offering camel rides and I jumped on the opportunity – quite literally.  Sitting on the camel’s none-too-comfortable back, I was exhilarated by my own boldness.  I had broken free from my daily routine and had realized a portion of my dream.  I laughed.  I had fun.

Afterwards, the day looked different to me.  Everything seemed brighter. The details were crisper.  The world seemed full of possibility. My mind was set free and my creativity was soaring.

It made me realize that little breaks from my routine were vital for my creative self and I asked myself why I didn’t do such things more often.  The answer was simple:  my routine.  I love my routine.  It makes my life so easy.  I don’t have to think, or notice, or do anything else but follow the steps of my routine until the day is over.  Yuck!  So boring.

Sometimes, I long to break free from my routine but I am at a loss.  I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I am in a creative-funk on my own behalf.  Do you ever face this challenge?

Breaking free from routine doesn’t have to be as dramatic as riding a camel.  Sometimes, little changes in our day can make all the difference and open us up to new perspectives.

Here are a few you might want to try:

  1. Go to the library, stand in the stacks, close your eyes, pick out a book and take it home. 
  2. Choose a different drink at your local coffee shop.
  3. Shop at a new grocery store.
  4. Talk to the first person you run into as you start your day and pay attention to the conversation.
  5. Eat lunch on the living room floor.
  6. Do nothing.  Just sit and be.
  7. Go to dinner and a movie by yourself.
  8. Wear a hat and see how many people talk to you because of it.
  9. Take a nap.
  10. Dress in your best for dinner at your own house.  Invite friends.

 How do you shake up your routine?  Inspire me.

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Ronna June 22, 2010 at

I’d love it if my “routine” somehow inspired you, Andrea. But instead, you inspire me.

‘Not planning to ride any camels, but aware that small choices make a huge difference.

Thank you.
Ronna recently posted..I’m not in charge of the damn thermostat!


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