It’s OK to Love A Multitude of Things & Want to Do Them All – A Guest Post from Lea Woodward


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I first “met” Lea in book where she was listed as a resource for working from anywhere. I immediately put down the book and raced to take a look at her website. As I read through her site, I remember thinking “wow, she’s someone I’d really like to talk to.” And, in the beautiful way the online world works, I have. We’ve had conversations about a multitude of things, both hers and mine, and I’ve discovered that she is indeed a kind and brilliant kindred spirit. I knew she would resonate with the phrase from my manifesto “it’s OK to love a multitude of things & want to do them all.” You will love her practical advice on how to deal with your multitudes!


Focus. Niche. Specialize. Become known as the “go to” gal for all things…for all things…um, what?

My path to the here and now is littered with so many online projects gone by that there must be a digital graveyard somewhere, full of the sites I’ve built then discarded.

I shouldn’t be surprised. My original career path – as a management consultant – was chosen precisely because I couldn’t pick just one thing to be when I left university. “How on earth am I supposed to know what I want to specialize in, when I haven’t tried any of them yet? This will expose me to a wide range of things from which I can then choose something to specialize in”, I told myself confidently back then.

12 years on and I’m still waiting to find that one single thing to specialize in.

You know the question already, you’ve probably asked yourself the same thing a million times: When you could be good at anything, how do you choose what to actually become good at? To become known for? To become the go to person for?

I don’t have the answers for you. I’m still someone who has 3 websites on the go at the same time (4 if you include the one I help my husband run too). What I do know is that this is the way I’m built. This is how I like to operate. This is me, at my best. And it’s probably you too.

I do have a few thoughts on how to make it work though:

- On how to achieve some focus so you don’t end up too scattered – time- and energy-wise – with a million and one projects on the go at the same time.

- On how to present yourself to the outside world so you don’t confuse people with the multitude of strings to your bow.

- On how to actually achieve something with the projects you do run with so they fly and don’t languish on the back burner for months at a time.

I’ve arrived at these conclusions through a lot of trial and error, through a lot of experimentation, through a lot of frustration and plenty of struggles. And ultimately through getting more things wrong than I have right.

Here are a few things which have worked for me that may help you too:

  • It can help if you can wrap things up within a common theme or mission. Mine, for example, is empowering people to find more freedom in their world. Through education, through travel and through building businesses online. Find a common thread, an over arching mission, and it’ll help guide your decisions of which projects to pursue because they fit, and which ones to drop because they don’t.
  • It can help if you have a home base online – – which functions a little bit like your online CV. It’s a home for all the other projects you do and it gives people an insight into you, the entrepreneur behind the multiple successes under your belt. This doesn’t tie you or your name to a specific theme, topic or industry. Use for this purpose and you can create as many other websites as you like. ;)
  • It can help if you build your relationships based upon shared core values and common world views, rather than topics, themes, niches or industries. Hobbies, interests and even passions come and go, but values never do. If you share these values and beliefs with your right people, you’ll be together for life.
  • It can help if you not only accept but also embrace and celebrate the way you are, and put it to work for you. For it is WHO you are, as well as HOW you are and it’s HOW you can be the best you ever.


Lea Woodward is a mother, wife and serial online entrepreneur. She is the founder of Startup Training School – an online school empowering women with the tech skills to get their business online – and Location Independent to help entrepreneurs and employees work from anywhere. She’s currently on a drive to help 1,000 women get a WordPress website up and running on the same day with a global online event, ONE K in 1 DAY (Join her? It’s free!) and is also on a quest to make the perfect set of cake pops – all tips welcome!

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Jackie Walker July 26, 2012 at

Accept, embrace and celebrate who you are – wise words, we are not all made to the same pattern, as I’ve found out :)
Jackie Walker recently posted..Don’t Know Land brings healing to all visitors


Vanessa Vinos July 26, 2012 at

Wow! I just love that both you and Lea are all about embracing many things, and not just finding one passion to run with. I think many people are starting to realize that finding that “1″ passion is not always possible and is usually dictated by personality. I find it very refreshing reading about Lea’s “digital graveyard”. It kind of gives us permission to admit something is not working and move swiftly on; I like that ;-)


Luitha Tamaya July 27, 2012 at

Awesome, thanks you two – wrapping things up within a common theme or mission is something I’ve been working on recently, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track with that!
Luitha :)


Lea Woodward July 27, 2012 at

How lovely to see so many friends in the same place :) Thanks for hosting us all this summer, Andrea!
Lea Woodward recently posted..Think, Don’t React…


Craig Morton July 29, 2012 at

HI Lea.
I LOVE this part:

“It can help if you build your relationships based upon shared core values and common world views, rather than topics, themes, niches or industries. Hobbies, interests and even passions come and go, but values never do. If you share these values and beliefs with your right people, you’ll be together for life.”

I have struggled with the same questions of limiting my focus and always been frustrated. Thanks for this post. Craig


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