Have you bought a ticket lately?


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Do you remember the last time you bought a ticket?

Perhaps it was an airline ticket. Or a movie ticket. Or a raffle ticket.

Buying a ticket promises you an experience that you otherwise might not be able to obtain.

Perhaps an experience that is necessary. Or one that is merely desired. Or one that is completely unknown.

The ticket is the price of admission to the experience you want.

Have you ever had a great idea and wondered how to get started? How you would connect with the amazing people who are doing just the thing you want to do? How you would learn everything you need to know?

Puzzled over how some people seem to have such a range of interesting networks and resources? Wondered how they managed to cross paths with these people and how you could too?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that people don’t ever talk about because it sounds kind of tacky. 

The easiest way to make connections, join groups, or learn something new is to buy your way in.

You must buy a ticket to the experience you wish to have.

I know what you are thinking. Buying your way in sounds really, really yucky. Like you are doing something unsavory or unseemly.

But it’s not.

Buying occurs in many forms – not just with money but with investments of time and talent.

As a realtor, I volunteered countless hours helping a college build and sell houses. The proceeds of the sale were used to fund student scholarships. It was an incredible learning experience for me and it was extremely rewarding to know that my efforts would help support those less fortunate. The best part? I met so many people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met who are still part of my life and my resource network twelve years later.

The price of admission? My time and talent.

The exposure to new people and ideas? Invaluable.

When I was stuck with one of my business ideas, I signed up for a program where I could bounce my ideas off of a diverse group of women. Even though it was incredibly inconvenient for me to carve out the time to drive out of town to attend this program, it turned out to be a good investment. Not only was the process helpful, but I met some amazing women who I otherwise would not have met, including the fabulous Ronna Detrick (who turned out to live in my home town).

The price of admission? A bit of time and money.

The exposure to new people and ideas? Invaluable.

Connecting with people, organizations, and initiatives you admire or want to know more about is the key to keeping your possibilities flowing.

Buy the ticket, take the ride. ~ Hunter S. Thompson

Invest in yourself.

What experience do you need or want to have? Can you buy a ticket today?

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Ronna December 5, 2011 at

Thank you for your kind words, Andrea. And the gift has been all mine to meet and be impacted so profoundly by you!

And we’re living proof of this, right?!? Totally spontaneously and unexpectedly. Now – with intention!!!
Ronna recently posted..Do you want what I want?


Andrea Olson December 6, 2011 at

Likewise and exactly!


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