Illusion and Belief


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This week has had me thinking about illusions. About things appearing to be one way when, if fact, they are not.

I discovered that all of my lovely subscribers who signed up to receive my posts via email through my subscription service had, in all likelihood, not received a single one. To those of you out there wondering what happened when you subscribed, my apologies!!

Although I was mortified to discover this little snafu, I was also intrigued about what it meant. You see, I have been operating under a certain belief. A belief that everything was working perfectly.

And, I acted accordingly.

I kept thinking. I kept writing. I kept hoping that what I was writing had some meaning. I kept being grateful for my readers.

I acted as if those subscribers were savoring every word.

Now that I have uncovered the truth about this particular illusion, it is the power of belief that captivates my attention.

Because, belief is potent. It drives our thoughts. Our actions. Our choices. It creates our personal reality. It defines what we think is possible.

It has me wondering about the illusions in our lives. Ones that we believe in and perhaps shouldn’t.

It has me wondering if there are beliefs we need to change regardless of what we think the facts are.

It has me wondering if we could change our worlds by deliberately choosing our beliefs, trusting wisely, and walking in step with those beliefs.

It has me wondering if we could make the seemingly impossible possible.

What do you think? I think it might be worth a try.

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Rita January 14, 2011 at

Ahh, I was wondering and was just about to write to you to tell you I wasn’t getting any notices! Glad you discovered the snafu. (And I did get a message about this one!)
Rita recently posted..Crappy day gone good- Gratitude 11311


Andrea January 14, 2011 at

I’m glad it has been resolved and I’m delighted to discover there are gifts in everything that happens. :)


Leisa LaDell January 14, 2011 at

Um…wow! “Belief” It surely packs a powerful punch. I think it’s time for a guest-post on Words are Little Gods….
Leisa LaDell recently posted..52 things I know about words and you should too 4 Words Elevate


Andrea January 14, 2011 at

Thanks and anytime, my dear!


Ronna January 14, 2011 at

“The seemingly impossible possible.” That’s what I DO believe…even when it seems like illusion.

Thanks, Andrea. As always, brilliance and beauty.
Ronna recently posted..I will I do I am


Andrea January 14, 2011 at

I know you do and that’s what I so appreciate about you!


Vanessa Vinos January 15, 2011 at

I love the fact that you believed everyone was receiving your updates and so kept writing. The power of beliefs are incredible. In a way it’s very much the thinking of Law of Attraction; when you believe, THEN you will see. I certainly can attest to that ;-)


Andrea January 15, 2011 at

It is quite fascinating, actually, and something to really think about. Thanks, Vanessa!


gee backhouse January 15, 2011 at

So many “facts” are in fact beliefs! Choosing – sagely – our beliefs is my preferred approach. To walk in step with our beliefs is a beautiful way of putting it! Thanks for sharing, Gee.
gee backhouse recently posted..Momentum


Andrea January 15, 2011 at

Thanks, Gee! Appreciate your perspective!


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