What do you see when you look in the mirror? I bet most of us see tiny imperfections. The slightly crooked smile. The hair that is too curly. The blotchy skin. We see all the things that bother us about ourselves.

Unfortunately, the same is often true when we view our internal landscape through the mirror of our mind. We see our failures. The wrong turns we have made in life. The bad choices. The indecision. The inability to make it happen whatever “it” is.

What we don’t see is that the totality of these things makes us absolutely unique and wonderful.

Which has me wondering if we need new mirrors.

This past week, I spent time viewing my life – who I am and what I do – by looking at my own mirror. The image that I saw was murky and unclear. A poor reflection that left me unsatisfied and feeling like I was missing something important.

And, then, the unexpected happened.

New mirrors showed up in the form of friends and strangers who saw things about me that my own mirror did not reflect. Effectively reshaping the images that I had formed in my mind. Revealing new perspectives that I had never considered.

Pure magic.

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves clearly because we are too critical of what we perceive as shortcomings. We are so focused on the tiny “imperfections” that we miss out on seeing who we are and what we offer. Other people don’t see us quite in the same way. They aren’t looking at the imperfections. They are looking at us as a total package.

What would happen if you asked three people to share their positive thoughts about you? About what you do best? About how you show up in the world? About how you do your work?

Could you start to see yourself in a new light?

Find a new mirror or two or three. We could all use the gift of positive perspective. A little magic.

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