Nutella and a Plunger


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I love mornings. They are sparkly and bright with possibility. Most mornings, I am full of energy and ready to tackle my multiple projects.

I’ve made lists of things I’d like to accomplish. I’ve journaled. I’ve mind-mapped particularly delicious ideas. I’ve mentally juggled all of my conflicting priorities and have made sense of what needs to be done and when and with whom.

Things are flowing and I’m making progress – one small task at a time, one project at a time – but progress nonetheless.

Then silly stuff happens.

The toilet backs up.

I run out of chocolate.

Everything goes a little bit wacky in an instant. The flow of the day is disrupted. Instead of brimming with creative possibility, I am now floundering in frustration.

I take a deep breath, put myself on pause, get out the car keys and drive to the nearest multipurpose store where I do not take in the latest tantalizing specials but go directly to what I need:  Nutella and a plunger.

Having secured said items, I instantly feel calmer. Then I start to laugh. There is no other choice. Who leaves a store carrying nothing but Nutella and a plunger?

Just like that, frustration has been shed. I return to myself. The day, and all its promise, is restored.

And, that’s just what a day is – a promise of possibility. The plans we attempt to impose on a day may be pushed aside, up-ended, or otherwise disrupted. The only thing we can do is start with our best intentions.

The moral of the story?

Stuff is going to happen – things that you don’t expect or want – when you are working on your ideas, projects, goals, and dreams. You are going to get frustrated. Down in the dumps. You are going to wonder why it can’t be easy.

Get over it.


Keep moving.

This too shall pass. With Nutella and a plunger.

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Ronna October 18, 2011 at

I can TOTALLY envision this trip to the store…

So hysterical and – of course – you’re right: there is something so wise in NOT taking ourselves quite so seriously while SIMULTANEOUSLY finding and procuring proper resources and support (Nutella and the Plunger, of course) and then getting the job done!

Message received.
Ronna recently posted..Be the heroine of your own story.


Andrea Olson October 18, 2011 at

It’s definitely difficult to take oneself seriously while carrying Nutella and a plunger. :) Thanks, my friend.


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