Seven Ways to Invite More Ideas Into Your Life


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Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!  ~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

I never really read Dr. Seuss as a child and so this story came as a delightful surprise as I shared it with my child for the first time.  Oh, the wonder of ideas!  Being open to possibility and just thinking for the fun of it.  I’m pretty sure most of us don’t do this enough in our lives but it is so important.  Ideas have energy.  They have power to transform situations.  They can make life better for you and yours.  They can even be the stuff entrepreneurial dreams are made of.  

Here are seven ways to invite more ideas into your life:

  1. Create an inviting space for them.  If your mind is always cluttered and thinking about the next thing you have to do, chances are you won’t even recognize an idea if it comes your way.  Find ways to quiet your mind whether by doing an activity you love like gardening or walking, getting a massage, meditating, or any thing else that turns your mind away from its constant chatter.
  2. Recognize them.  Don’t ignore your ideas or they’ll stop showing up.  Do you know how your ideas come to you? Do you feel them? Hear them? See them?  Do they whisper at you or nudge you with insistency?  Learn to recognize your ideas when they come knocking.
  3. Lighten up.  Go ahead and be silly.  Tap into the child you once were who could imagine all kinds of impossible things.  As adults, we have a tendency to make everything so serious and it can really bog down the flow of ideas.
  4. Honor them.  Once an idea comes your way, don’t let it get away.  Write it down.  Record it.  Post it on a bulletin board where you can see it and where it can inspire other ideas.  (I have multiple bulletin boards in my home office where I post random ideas – it makes me feel creative!)
  5. Talk about them.  Ideas benefit from the energy of other minds so talk to your friends about your ideas.  Do a little brainstorming.  You would be surprised how one little tweak could take your idea in a whole different direction.  One note of caution … we all have friends that tend to see the glass as half-empty.  These friends might not be your best brainstorming buddies. 
  6. Share them.  Be generous with your ideas.  Now, your friends might not appreciate this so much – I’m pretty sure I drive mine crazy when I call them and say, “hey, I had an idea for you” but, sometimes I luck out and they actually appreciate what I have shared with them.  I like to think of it as my own form of giving back to the world.
  7. Act on them.  Your ideas are little gifts from the universe.  If you don’t open the package, the universe will stop sending them.  That being said, if you have a good idea, act on it.  Your action will result in more gifts because the universe knows you can be trusted to do something with a good idea.  You become a reliable agent.

So, have fun and keep on thinking!

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Ronna June 8, 2010 at

You, my friend, are the queen of idea generation and, because of such, your words have depth and impact. I know that you know of what you speak, that you practice what you preach, that you mean what you say. I’m privileged and grateful to be your friend!


Andrea June 14, 2010 at

Thanks, Ronna!


Ronna June 17, 2010 at

And of course…the best way for me to continue to invite ideas into my life is to be me – 100% authentic – all of the time.

Again, Dr. Seuss:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


Andrea June 17, 2010 at

Oooh, authenticity. The ultimate form of telling the truth! I love it. Thanks, Ronna.


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