Suspension of Disbelief


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Did you know that moms sometimes get stung by stingrays? I didn’t. My daughter, however, found it quite plausible. And, from that one statement posed as a question, an entire story tumbled into being. Believed and accepted as entirely possible.

Imagination at play, wouldn’t you say?

As adults, we tend to lose touch with the part of ourselves that accepts the gifts that come from our imagination. We cease to believe in that which our minds can create. We tell ourselves things couldn’t really happen in the way that we imagine. We deny possibility in favor of a mature, realistic approach.

We stop believing.

Yet, our ability to believe in things that don’t actually exist hasn’t quite died. It still exists. In fact, most of us use it fairly regularly. It happens every time we dive into the pages of a novel. We know that what we are reading isn’t real but we make it real as we lose ourselves in the pages of a good story. How is that possible?

It is possible because we suspend our disbelief.

Think of it. We suspend our disbelief. What if we suspended our disbelief when we are in the throws of creating that which we wish to see in our own lives? What if we used our imaginations to playfully write our own stories? Without limitation? Using all of the resources our imaginations offer?

Just for today try bringing your imagination out to play. Ask yourself the most outrageous “what if” questions. What if elephants wore pajamas? What if you could fly to the moon on the back of a silver star? What if you could spend the summer in Europe indulging your passion for art? What if you could earn a living sitting in your front room?

What if???

Your mind wants to be helpful. It wants to be your creative partner. Once you start imagining your story, you might be surprised by what tumbles out. By where the path of imagination leads. By what is truly possible. If only you suspend your disbelief.


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