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My daughter is graduating from kindergarten this week – if you can call the transition from playful learning to “serious” learning, a graduation. She is beyond excited to be a first-grader but, even more so, she is eager for the summer ahead.

She is ready to milk cows. Plant a garden. Make batik fabric. Paint paintings. Craft necklaces. Go swimming. Hang out at the river. Find shells at the beach. Ride a horse. Visit the zoo. Learn how to do a cartwheel. And on and on.

She’s ready for all the amazing things that her summer surely holds.

She’s ready to go to that place where anything can (and just might) happen.

Do you remember that place?

It is where out-of-the-ordinary experiences and simple pleasures co-exist to weave the magical. It is where anticipation and excitement fuel your perspective and open your eyes to the possibilities. It is where you swim deeply in the flow of life and time seems to expand in response. It is where you fall into bed each night exhausted – in such a good way – by the pleasure of being present for each delicious day.

It is that special place called summer.

Most of us have only been to that place as children. As adults, summer becomes just another season. A season with more things to do, take care of, and accomplish. We forget that summer is special. Summer invites us outside – not only out into nature but to things outside our normal routines.

Summer invites us to transformative spaces.

As children, we grew during the summer. We gained inches in height. We made leaps in knowledge. We added to our stores of experiences. We cultivated every form of play imaginable. We arrived back at school in the fall so transformed that our friends sometimes didn’t even recognize us at first glance. Magical.

As adults, we simply hope we have time to do something “relaxing” during the summer. With all the busyness that comes with the management of our daily lives, we have, understandably, lost touch with the transformative power – or the magic – of summer.

But summer is still there waiting for us to reclaim it in some small way – by having dreams and making plans. By holding the expectancy of what might be. By savoring the wait and, when the experience finally arrives, by relishing every detail.

Summer begs us to engage in personal enchantment.

If you are having trouble accessing that enchanted place, take yourself back to your kindergarten days. See yourself before the doors of your classroom on the last day of school as they swing open to release you to deep blue skies and sweet, warm air. Feel the exquisite joy as you run out the door, your body vibrating with untapped energy, knowing that you have the whole summer to play and explore. Imagine the skip in your step as you make your way home thinking of all the things you want to do.

Experience the heady moment of wonder when you realize that anything might happen.

When you get to that place, you’ll know you’ve arrived at summer.

Magical. Enchanted. And full of possibility.

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Lorrie Jones June 21, 2012 at

I’m so happy to read this wonderful post about my favorite time of year..summer! I remember my year before first grade…sitting in my grandfather’s garden in Connnecticut, dangling my feet under the old spigot that dripped, creating a perfect, muddy place to squish toes. The whole day was ahead! A day of magic, enchantement, all possibility – anything could happen!

I am committed to welcoming summer as that little girl – finding adult ways to be childlike. I commit to being amazed…at everything…and to give to the world from a place of wholeheartedness and joy. And to eat watermelon everyday…and to be grateful for all I have.

ps: for anyone who grew up in the midwest(especially Illinois), read Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. Every summer, starting tonight, I read a chapter a day and I am transported back to my childhood. A lovely gift from a man who has just passed on and will never be forgotten.


Andrea Olson June 23, 2012 at

Thank you, Lorrie! The image of you dangling your feet under the spigot transported me into the midst of my own summer memories. Beautiful!!


Currie June 22, 2012 at

What a delightful read and remembering. I had a meeting with my Voc Rehab consultant yesterday as we carry on with my Individualised Employment Planning, and he reminded me I’d NOT hear from the next “wave” of things for a couple of weeks at least. I laughed BEcause I was FINE with that!! I’m into my Summer Holidays mode Now, relishing the steaminess, going to sleep BEfore the sun has set [changes happen BEtween 5 and 59 apparently!!], having adventures each new day with Gracie who is loving her rolly-pollying in the soft lush grass along our walks, and just BEing so grateful to BE here, living my Life Just As It Is and Is NOT Now. You’ve reminded me of other pleasures and possibilities that your daughter is looking forward to!! Thanks so much for sharing so generously, Andrea!! EnJOY and much love…
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Andrea Olson June 23, 2012 at

I love that you are into summer holiday mode, Currie, and that you are diving into the delicious beauty of it all. A wonderful reminder to be grateful for those moments. Thank you.


Amy Grams June 22, 2012 at

I love this! I do summer the way some people do Christmas. No need to tell me to stop and appreciate it. I cherish every warm, sunny minute! My challenge is not retreating into a dark place when summer ends.

As the mother of a 9 year old, it’s great to see children be children during the summer. Our school year ended a month ago (!) and I’ve enjoyed watching him head off to different camps, swimming lessons and bike rides. It helps me feel much less inhibited about heading out to the hammock for a few minutes in the afternoon!
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Andrea Olson June 23, 2012 at

I had to laugh when I read your comment, Amy! What a great analogy – doing summer like you do Christmas. And, can I say how jealous I am that your school year ended a month ago? Ours ended yesterday thanks to a teacher’s strike (which is probably OK since the weather still feels like winter :) ). Oh summer – we are ready for you!!


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