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There’s an epidemic in my world.

An epidemic of gray. Gray faces. Gray demeanors. Gray outlooks.

It may just be that time of year, the cusp between winter and spring when everything seems to be in a state hibernation and nothing has bloomed yet. Or it may something more serious – like coming off the highs of the start of a promising new year, only discover that not all that much has changed and realizing it’s already March.

You’ve lost your zest. You’ve gotten sucked up into the same old routines. The bickering at work. The weeknight couch-potato fests. The lack of progress on your shiny new business plan. Shall I go on?

Let’s take a breath. Let’s infuse those gray demeanors with a bit of pink.

Let’s play a little game.

I know you’ve got tons on your plate. I really, really do. I can relate. As a single mom of a kindergartner who works, has a business, writes, and spins multiple projects along with mountains of endless laundry, I understand having lots to do.

But this game will be fun, I promise. And, it won’t even be that hard to play once you get started. Taking the first step is the key.

This game is called Just One Thing.



Here’s how it works:

  • Survey your life environment – health, finances, relationships, self-nurturing, spirit, work, etc.
  • Identify where you feel out of touch.
  • Pick one thing – and only one thing – that you could play with in the next week to change that feeling.
  • Do that thing.
  • Examine how that one thing changes your outlook (or not) and why.
  • Record your discovery.

So, let’s say you feel out of touch with your body. It feels lumpy and inflexible. Like it couldn’t move off the couch if it wanted to. What could you play with to change that feeling? Experimenting with some form of body work like massage or Reiki? Signing up for a class introducing the art of the trapeze? (I seriously considered this one!)

Perhaps you feel like your work has gotten stale for some reason. What could you play with to spice it up? Hold your staff meeting at Starbucks instead of the dull-green conference room? Send an email to someone you’d like to have as your mentor but have been too afraid to ask?

The possibilities are endless.

So I challenge you to play.

Name that place in your life where you feel out of touch. Go ahead, put it down in the comments or send me a note if it seems too scary to share it in public.

Pick one thing to play with this week and do it.

Report back on the results.

Can you feel the pink flush yet?

Let the games begin.


P.S. Where do I feel out of touch? Coming up with a totally outrageous, incredible offering in my business that will scare the pants off me and delight others no end. Whew. Just saying it makes me feel kind of pink already. I’ll be playing with this one for sure.

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Sandi Amorim March 10, 2012 at

Yesterday I actually said I felt as grey on the inside as it was on the outside (gloomy, overcast day here in Vancouver) so your timing here Andrea, is impeccable!

Where could I play?

With the writing of my ebook, which I’ve made a very serious project, so no wonder I haven’t gotten anything done!

I could also play with my body (not as kinky as it sounds!) so that I can once again feel comfortable in my skin.

And today? I will play with my husband, wandering the streets of Vancouver, doing whatever we want!
Sandi Amorim recently posted..Creating a Global Sorority


Andrea Olson March 12, 2012 at

I love what you’ve named, Sandi! Play, play, play!!


Ronna March 11, 2012 at

The P.S. is my very favorite part of this post.

And…the rest of it is fan-tabulous! As always. Games. Playing. Both get so lost in the gray. Perfect and needed reminder.
Ronna recently posted..It’s International Women’s Day. There’s LOTS to celebrate…including you!


Andrea Olson March 12, 2012 at

I knew you’d love that. :) I hope you get an opportunity to work in some play!


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