The Genie in the Bottle (or Why You Need a Visual Talisman)


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Her exquisite white shape floats before me.

One foot grounds her. But barely. She stands on the pointed toes of one leg. The other leg is bent as if she is trying to climb. But there is no ladder.

Her arms reach. Slim fingers seek contact. But there’s nothing to grab.

Her head falls back, beseeching. The words tumble out. But there’s no one to hear.

She wants out.

She begs to be released.

She has something to do. Something to say. Something beautiful to share.

Who is this exquisite being?

She’s my genie. In a bottle.


She’s the gorgeous gift I received from a dear friend who thought of me every time she looked at the stoppered glass pitcher sitting on her kitchen windowsill and viewed the woman inside.

The woman is seemingly magically suspended in the middle of the pitcher. Her body is strong. The muscles defined. Her form flows. Her will is palpable.

Her very pose speaks to promise and potential if only she can remove the barriers to her freedom.

If only she could get the damn stopper out.

If she could, she’d be ready to grant wishes. To fulfill promises. To make amazing things happen for herself and others.

She is possibility personified.

I love her.

Merely glancing at her reminds me to be aware of the “stoppers” or the barriers and limitations that we place on ourselves as well as those we allow others to place on us.

The sight of the luminous gold glass she is suspended in reminds me that magic exists if we let it.

The vision of her beautiful form reminds me to stay strong even when things aren’t easy.

She is my talisman for the new year. She is a visual reminder of all that is possible.

A wonderful gift indeed.

Do you have a visual talisman for this year? One that captures your hopes? Inspires you to keep going even when you are too tired or frustrated? Infuses a little magic or wonder into your life?

If you don’t have one yet, maybe it is time to let one find you. If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

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Carol Bailey Floyd January 2, 2012 at

I love the image you wrote of your Genie in the bottle — what an incredible gift. The reminder of the stopper we can put on ourself is a powerful reminder and easy to remember! Hooray! This year, instead of resolutions, I picked the theme of “Exploring Possibilities”, which allows for sub-themes like fun, adventures, nutrition, etc. and I can do those for days, weeks, or months. My symbol is the butterfly for transformation, and to remember the cocoon process (not to try to get back in there! lol) I created a Zentangle (see butterfly on New Year’s Eve as one of my first creative renditions for the year. I hope that you might post a photograph of your Genie in a bottle some time. Possibility personified!


Andrea Olson January 2, 2012 at

Thanks, Carol! I love what you are up to. You are so right – exploring the possibilities opens the door to all kinds of wonderful things. I’m all about that! Enjoy the journey. Hope to hear more! (I’ll work on the photo … it’s hard to capture. :) )


Carol Bailey Floyd January 2, 2012 at

ourselves — not ourself lol


Vanessa Vinos January 3, 2012 at

Yes, for the first time I’m making a vision board for my study. I’ve wanted to do it for years. But this month it WILL happen. Like you, visual stimuli work better for me, so I am hoping my vision board will have the desired effect ;-)
Happy New Year Sweets xx


Andrea Olson January 4, 2012 at

I adore vision boards! I’ve got various forms of them all over the house. Good for you, Vanessa!


Lorrie Jones January 3, 2012 at

I have been feeling a bit stuck lately and unclear about my “next step”, so rather than push myself into some sort of decision that is forced, I decided to employ a tool I learned long ago in an NLP training: “the circle of excellence”. I imagine a circle (large enough for me to stand in) and I step into it. When I take this step and stand in the circle, I am my “best self”: confident, radiant, my expertise unshaken and evident, happy – focused, whole and trusting”. I feel these feelings from head to toe and let the experience be an anchor. Then I step out of the circle and notice the difference: what keeps me from living in the ‘circle’ all of the time? What are my obstacles…what do I tell myself? and is it true? how do I know? What if the “circle of excellence” expanded…and expanded…until I felt included and at home in the expanded circle, comfortable being “all of me” in a focused, appropriate yet highly creative and imaginative way? And with ease and flow. All it takes is a shift in perception…imagining I am shedding doubt and uncertainty and stepping into my own circle – with excellence, not perfection guiding my action. Imagine a world of individuals in their circles…until the individual circles become one large, inclusive circle…global, rich and for everyone. What a beautiful image! and all it takes is a step…


Andrea Olson January 4, 2012 at

I love the image of the circle, Lorrie. It speaks of infinite, expansive possibility. Beautiful!


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