The Dog Who Ate My License Tabs & Others Who Deserve Thanks


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In this season of giving, I am always struck by the kindness of others. The people who find the time to buy gifts for the postman. The people who pay off lay-away balances for those less fortunate. The people who bake cookies for the neighbors.

Simply beautiful.

I am also aware that kindness happens every day, regardless of the season.

Sometimes these acts of kindness are so small (or don’t feel so kind at the time) that it is only in hindsight that we recognize the power of the gift. Other times, the acts come from those closest to us and we take the gifts for granted.

Either way, we miss the opportunity to express our gratitude. To say those simple yet important words, thank you.

I’m not letting that happen this season.

Even though the words may never be heard by those who need to hear them, I want to say them. To acknowledge those who have made an impact on my life with their kindness – either by showing me the humor in a situation or shoring me up when the times were tough. They deserve my thanks and so much more.

Will you join me in saying thank you?

Make a commitment to let someone know how much you appreciate their kindness. Tell them what their gift meant to you. Say thank you with heart.

To my kindergarten teacher who made me stand in a corner for chasing boys, thank you.

From you I learned it is much better to have the boys chase me.

To my third grade teacher who told me I was too critical, thank you.

From you I learned how to take a compliment.

To my fifth grade teacher who let me build forts under my desk, thank you.

From you I learned it is OK to be a little different.

To my tenth grade teacher who told me to never stop being critical, thank you.

From you I learned that thinking deeply is wonderful gift.

To my first friend who has always been there for me even when separated by time and circumstance, thank you.

From you I learned to have faith.

To my first pony who was as stubborn as a mule, thank you.

From you I learned that a little sugar works wonders.

To my high school friends who shared the good times and the crazy times, thank you.

From you I learned that family comes in many forms.

To the older women I supervised when I was barely out of my teens, thank you.

From you I learned that I had a lot to learn.

To my best friend who has made my path lighter ever since law school, thank you.

From you I learned that life is so much easier when I focus on the positive.

To the 76 year-old neighbor who saw me laboring with a shovel in the front yard and came to help, thank you.

From you I learned that help always arrives when I really need it.

To the dog that ate my license tabs, thank you.

From you I learned that things always come out OK at the end, even if it is not the end I expect.

To the male executives I worked with when I was a lawyer, thank you.

From you I learned that golf is a good game to know.

To the boss who told me something was wrong if I wasn’t coming to work each day with a passionate heart, thank you.

From you I learned what I already knew but tried to ignore.

To the “boss” who gave me a place to work when life was turbulent, thank you.

From you I learned that having a safe place to land is the most important thing you can give someone.

To the women who cooked me six weeks of meals after the birth of my child, thank you.

From you I learned that my life wouldn’t be the same without my women friends.

To the people who went to bat for me when times were tough and I didn’t know the way, thank you.

From you I learned that small acts of kindness are powerful beyond measure.

To the Christmas carolers who showed up unexpectedly on my doorstep tonight, thank you.

From you I was reminded, once again, that joy is a gift we can all give.


Wishing you the best of the holiday season, dear readers. Thank you. From you I have learned to be more of me.

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Amanda December 20, 2011 at

No, thank you dearest. You’ve been a dream. <3
Amanda recently posted..Paralyzed. Press Any Key to Continue.


Andrea Olson December 21, 2011 at

Appreciate you, darling Amanda!


Currie Silver December 21, 2011 at

To Andrea who followed through and got in touch with me at her first opportunity, thank you.

From you I learned to believe in people a little more.

To Andrea who thought of me when she was talking with a friend and put us in touch with one another.

From you I learned that I DO matter and AM thought of.

To Andrea who invited me to join in Possible To Probable this month.

From you I am learning that exploring dreams more deeply is far more exhilarating than I’d imagined.

To Ronna who “introduced me” to Andrea in the first place.

From you I learned that friendships can grow and bloom and BE despite all the barriers of time and space.

To whomever and however I “met” Ronna.

From that experience I’ve learned to deeply value the serendipity of the Internet and harness its extraordinary power to encourage my dreams and create possibilities out of seemingly “thin air.”

* Now that I have started this I think I will make it an adventure for today. I was just thinking about a way to share my Joy and gladness with some of the wondrous human beans in my Life with the most extravagant gift I can give this Christmas, words from my heart and those thoughts in my head.


Andrea Olson December 21, 2011 at

Thank you, Currie! I am humbled by your kind words. It has been my absolute pleasure to know you and watch you unfold. Sending you a big virtual hug!!


Lorrie Jones December 21, 2011 at

From you, Andrea, I have learned that being interested in many things is not scatteredness but creativity; that not knowing is ok; that trusting myself and listening to my inner voice is important; that my life has value and my work in the world is needed; that I am a unique individual, worthy of respect and happiness; and that all I had considered flaws in myself are strengths when looked at with a new and fresh perspective. I am grateful for my life, my family and dear friends – grateful for meeting you and being able to work together. Thank you, Andrea, for all you give and all you do. I wish you a blessed holiday season and peace in the new year.


Andrea Olson December 21, 2011 at

Blessings to you, Lorrie. Thank you for your beautiful comments!! I am so happy to know you and see your beauty shine.


Jackie Walker December 22, 2011 at

Yes! I love how posts like this change my day! After reading it I realise now why you’ve been on my mind for the last couple of days, I had been wrestling with some historic ‘stuff’, now I’m saying thank you :)

I declare my thanks for all those seemingly unhelpful comments from people throughout the years which were gifts to explore, my way.
Jackie Walker recently posted..Being Me Interview – Sandi Amorim


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