The Joy of Creating


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True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new. ~ Antione de Saint-Exupery (author of The Little Prince)

The other day I pulled into the alley behind my home to see my daughter sitting at a small table with a glass pitcher on it.  One paper cup rested beside the pitcher.  An orange traffic cone was placed next to the table.  It had a piece of paper taped to it with a few carefully printed letters. 

I got out of the car and before I could say a word, she told me she had a lemonade stand. 

She was beaming from ear to ear.  Never mind that it was cold and almost raining.  Never mind that cars only traveled through the alley once every few hours.  Never mind that she couldn’t write yet.  Never mind that she didn’t understand anything about money. 

The look on her face told me everything.  She was joyful.  Exultant.  Her smile said, “I totally rock, mommy.”  She had created something out of nothing.  For the pleasure of it.

I paid her a quarter for the lemonade.  She was thrilled.  I was thrilled.  The lemonade was actually good.  She had made it by squeezing an orange and a lemon.  For extra zip, she had tossed in a handful of mint. 

Even though I was her only customer that day, the lesson was priceless.  Creating for the sheer joy of it has so much value.  The pleasure that comes from being “in the flow.”  When time falls away.  When attention is focused on your actions.  When you are absorbed by the joy of seeing it all come together.

Do you remember the last time you were there?

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