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The world does not revolve around you.

You’ve heard those words, right?

From parents, teachers, and loved ones. When you couldn’t get people to do what you wanted. When you thought everyone should be aware of what was important to you. When you had a blemish the size of Texas on your face that you thought everyone was sure to notice.

Harsh and disappointing words to be sure.

But hang with me for a moment. I want to remind you of these words for a different reason.

Indeed, the “world” does not revolve around you. The world doesn’t know what you need, what you cry for, what you long for, and what you most desire. The world will not intuit your needs and longings.

The world:  your friends, your family, your circles of influence, your hoped for clients and customers. The world does not know what you are up to or what really matters to you.

Most likely, the world is focusing on its own stuff.

In order for your needs to be met and your desires realized, you have to let the world know. You have to actually DO something.

SAY the words.

MAKE the ask.

OFFER something of yourself.

It’s the offer I want to talk about.

By its very definition, an offer is an attempt to give somebody something that they may accept or refuse. The act of making the offer alerts the world that you have something to share.

Making the offer creates the pathway to what you desire.

It allows the “world” to engage with you and help you on your journey.

Don’t have the sparkling social life you desire? Offer your lovely companionship to others. Extend invitations to walk, talk, or share a cup of tea.

Don’t have the support you desire in your life? Offer to help others. Pick up a quart of milk for your neighbor when you run to the grocery store, take a moment to help a mother out by watching her child for an hour, or make an extra portion of lasagne for your single friend who doesn’t cook.

Don’t have the income streams you desire? Offer your ideas, your time, or your labor. Put yourself out there so people can take advantage of your brilliance. Create a product or service you can sell, write up a consulting proposal, or apply for a job.

Simply make the offer.

Let the world know you are up to something.

Sometimes the world won’t want what you are offering. Don’t be deterred. You can change your offer. You can change your people. No worries. Just keep after it.

One day, you’ll make an offer that can’t be refused.

What have you offered lately? What will you offer today?


In the spirit of spirit of this post, I’m offering a little something to inspire you. Check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, stay tuned for my next offer. (Hint: It will be something designed to help you kick your possibilities into high gear. Learn more here!)

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Ronna November 7, 2011 at

And more brilliance just pours forth, my friend. Love the content. Love the poster. Love what’s on the way (and privileged to have the inside scoop)!!

When we feel in a place of lack it is often the hardest time for us to offer – to extend ourselves – to give. We want to hunker down, pull on our armor, and bulk ourselves up for a long, cold winter…or at least the internal “chill” we’re feeling.

You’re inviting a warm, wide-open, fresh breeze to flow through some of the hardest places of our lives. Beautiful. And SO worth heeding! Thank you!
Ronna recently posted..Worth the Wait


Andrea Olson November 7, 2011 at

Thanks, Ronna! Yes, fun times are ahead. :) The mere practice making offers is invigorating – especially when we feel we are in a place of lack – it keeps our feet moving until they find their way.


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