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Every day, as I travel the hallway in my home, I see two beautiful paintings hanging on the wall. They are rich in color. The subjects they depict are simple yet engaging. The technique is not perfect yet the paintings are joyous.

They are exuberant in their creativity.

And, each time I see them, I wonder why the artist stopped painting.

You see, I happen to know her. In the past, I tried to find out why she turned away from her art. My gentle probing and direct questions would be deftly side-stepped. No answer she gave was truly satisfactory.

Which made me crazy. And still does. Because, I suspect it happens all the time – every day, someone turns away from their art, their creativity, their gifts.

The reasons are many: not enough time, not enough money, other priorities, lack of confidence in our ability, fear of criticism, fear of success, fear of not living up to our own expectations of what we deem as good.

Shall I go on?

What concerns me about turning away from our gifts or those special things that we alone are called on to bring to the world, is that at some point, they’ll disappear. They will have received the cold-shoulder one too many times. They just won’t show up anymore. And, then we all lose.

So, just for today, don’t turn away from your gifts. Turn back. Give them a little attention. We will all be better for it.

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Vanessa Vinos January 28, 2011 at

Lovely post Andrea. God! how many artists (in one form or another) lost their God-given talent because they turned their backs on it. It’s really quite sad. Money (lack of) is usually at the root of some (if not all) decisions. Lets embrace our talents and not shun them.


Andrea January 28, 2011 at

Amen. I’m with you!!! Thanks, Vanessa.


Ronna January 28, 2011 at

So good, Andrea. The reminder to value our god-given abilities, not squander them, nor let them lie dormant is hugely significant. As always, easier said than done, but with compelling motivation and heart like yours…encouraged and strengthened. Thank you.
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Andrea January 28, 2011 at

Let your talent shine, my friend. :)


Rita January 28, 2011 at

This post makes me uncomfortable. I hate that discomfort is often the thing we most need. Thank you.
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Andrea January 28, 2011 at

Discomfort always strikes me as that little piece of sand in the oyster which is turned over and over by the oyster until it turns into a pearl…just a thought. :) Thanks, Rita


gee backhouse January 29, 2011 at

Wisdom and beauty all in one eloquent post. Today was a good day to read it. Thanks, Andrea. Gx
gee backhouse recently posted..The Truth about Speaking Jewellery


Andrea January 29, 2011 at

Thanks, Gee. So appreciate your words.


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