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In the past few days, I’ve had a variety of conversations. Conversations with best friends and new friends. Conversations with family, colleagues, strangers at the post office, the parents at my daughter’s school, and my hairdresser, to name a few.

Some of these conversations have been quite mundane. Some informative. Some painful. Others downright draining.

And, others still, have been transformative.

I’m talking about the power of words.

At an impromptu dinner the other night with my dear friend, Ronna Detrick, I was reflecting on our conversation while we were in the middle of it. Although my mind was focused on the content of the conversation, in the background, I realized something extraordinary was happening.

We weren’t just talking.

We were talking ourselves into our future.

Giving voice to our desires. Acknowledging our fears. Strategizing on how to overcome perceived obstacles.

Powerful words. Visioning words. Words that we will look back on years from now and know they foretold the future. Because that’s what happens when you speak from your heart.

I had a similar experience upon meeting Sue Oliver, a woman dedicated to helping others find their passions and realize their possibilities. We talked for two hours; about everything under the sun – and then some. Time just disappeared as we delved deep into what we desired and how to put it into words.

We were speaking from the heart.

In another conversation with the dearest of friends, I heard the shattering news of an unwanted diagnosis. The conversation could have been a dreary and why-is-this-happening-to-me kind of conversation. It wasn’t. We acknowledged the sadness and embraced the opportunity that comes with the knowledge of “what is.”

We spoke words of love and gratitude.

What are you talking about?

The weather? How you hate your job? What a mess your mother-in-law is? How the economy is shot? How the guy at the gas station offended you? How things never work out for you?

You are talking yourself into your future.

What kind of future do you want?

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Ronna June 13, 2011 at

I’m talking about whatever you do, woman, and SO, SO grateful for SO many ample and gorgeous opportunities for such. Indeed, our conversations ground me in the present and move me toward my future. Whether I can see it or not, you always seem to be able to. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!


Andrea June 13, 2011 at

Likewise, my friend, likewise. Let’s keep talking!!


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