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At a dinner I attended the other night, a woman I didn’t know described her child’s school environment to me. “It’s magic,” she said. “They still believe gnomes and fairies inhabit the garden.”

I was captivated by the thought – remembering when I, too, believed in magic. That fairies lived in flowers. That gnomes made their homes in giant mushrooms. That animals could talk. For a fleeting moment, I found myself there again. And it was heavenly.

Magic. Special. Mysterious. Lovely. Charming. Enchanted.

Sitting amid the chatter of voices surrounding me, I suddenly understood why the idea of magic held so much appeal.

Much of our days are spent racing around to keep up with the mundane. The piles of laundry and the crumbs on the floor. The appointments and the responsibilities. The work. Powering through until the end of the day sees us exhausted and wilted on the couch.

Hardly the stuff of magic.

Granted, ordinary days have their own specialness when we can embrace them and be present for them. But, if you are like me, you don’t find yourself in that place often enough. That place of wonder. Joy. Gratitude. That place where you are so grounded that magic really does exist.

Castello Brown, Italy Photo Credit: www.slowtrav.com

Perhaps that is why I adore the movie Enchanted April based on the book by Elizabeth Von Arnim. 

A group of women – strangers to each other – step out of their daily lives into a beautiful villa clinging to a hillside in Italy. In this glorious setting, they reclaim themselves and recapture a bit of magic in their lives.

“Happy? Poor, ordinary, everyday word. But what could one say, how could one describe it? It was as though she could hardly stay inside herself, it was as though she were washed through with light.” ~The Enchanted April

If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, I won’t spoil it for you. What happens there is, well, simply magical and not to be missed.

April is on its way. What will you do to infuse it with a little magic?

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