Where are you making masterpieces?


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The other night I went to the local take-and-bake pizza chain to pick up dinner. The place was virtually empty. I was delighted. Nothing was going to stand between me and culinary bliss. I was going to have that pizza in my hot little hands in no time at all.

Lucky me!

Except that didn’t happen.

I stood. I sat on the handy bench. I got up and walked around. I paced back and forth. I could see that a pizza was being made. But perhaps it wasn’t mine? Perhaps a phone order had come in before mine?

Inside I was grumbling. Impatient. What could possibly be taking so long?

I stood in front of the glass window that screened the pizza-making process. The woman behind it was placing items on a pizza. Carefully. With attention.

She noticed me looking at her.

I smiled encouragingly, hoping that would speed things up.

She wrapped up the pizza and said, “You know, yesterday someone asked me if I liked my job. At the time, I said yes. But when I got home, I thought about that question all night long. And do you know what I discovered?”

“No, what?” I asked, wondering what this information possibly had to do with my pizza (which I could see was almost within reach).

“I realized it’s not the job that I like – it’s making the pizza. I love making little masterpieces and knowing that someone will take them home and enjoy them.”

In that moment, my impatience dissolved and I knew I was lucky indeed.

Lucky to be reminded that doing a really good piece of creative work can happen anywhere – in a job, in a business, in a garden, at home in the garage, or simply making pizza.

Lucky to know that putting love and attention into something is what matters the most.

Lucky to see that masterpieces can be made every day.

What’s yours going to be today?

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Lorrie Jones July 30, 2012 at

I love this post, Andrea. I’m not sure exactly what my “masterpiece” will be today, but I have a long list of hoped-for accomplishments and for sure: at least one of them will be something I take time with, put my heart into and truly enjoy creating….


Andrea Olson July 31, 2012 at

Thank you, Lorrie. I think you are creating masterpieces every day with the love and attention you bring to so many things. xoxo


Joy July 30, 2012 at

Beautiful, thank you :)

My masterpiece today is in the process of creating my heart whispers…whatever that form is in the moment…to allow shape and form to unfold naturally and with ease as I invest my energy into life enriching and spirit enlivening.
Joy recently posted..The Gift of Presence: Allow Your Heart Smile to Light the World


Andrea Olson July 31, 2012 at

Allowing things to unfold naturally and with ease is indeed the ultimate masterpiece! Thank you, Joy. Beautiful.


Jackie Walker July 30, 2012 at

This strikes right into the heart of what being in service is all about, it’s got nothing to do with being subservient, it has to do with having pride in the job you do, no matter what it is. Thank you x
Jackie Walker recently posted..Don’t Know Land brings healing to all visitors


Andrea Olson July 31, 2012 at

Beautifully said, Jackie!


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