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While walking up a hill in my neighborhood a few months ago, the “thought” landed. Calmly. Gently. Like a feather making contact with the earth. But, I was startled nonetheless.

Where did that come from? I wondered.

I held the thought for a moment, slowly turned it over, and looked at it from all the angles. Then, I quickly put it on the back of a mental shelf and hoped it would go away. To entertain its possibilities would be potentially costly, certainly inconvenient, and definitely a little bit wacky considering the circumstances.

Normal people just didn’t do things like that.

The thought was insistent, popping up quietly and resiliently like a buoy released from the pressure of water. Yet, each time it appeared, I pushed it back on the shelf and attempted to ignored it. This process repeated itself until I grew so weary of trying to contain it that I began to wonder what might happen if I gave the thought a little breathing room.

I started slowly by merely posing the question, what if???

And, that’s all it took. From there, a series of circumstances conspired – neatly and cleanly – to resolve issues and questions that had been plaguing me for months.

I had the answers all along – if only I had listened to myself.

I think that if we just listen to ourselves we know what it is we have to do…. And I have come to think that however much it hurts, however hard it is, we have to listen. We have to live our lives…. I think perhaps it is time. When you are ready. There is no hurry. But the day will come when your decision will be clear. – Linda Olsson, Astrid and Veronika

This precious knowing does not always arrive fully-formed nor does it come complete with an instruction manual.

It requires us to trust that we know what we know and that we will, at some point, know the rest as well. It only asks that we listen and allow for the possibility.

Listening to what we know seems to be a bit of learned skill. Many of us have been discouraged from listening to what we know is true for ourselves – because someone else knew what was best for us, because of expectations we placed on ourselves, because other people might think we were crazy, failures, or who knows what else.

When we don’t listen to what we know is true for us, some part of us tends to act out in order to get our attention – sometimes in very painful, unfortunate ways. If you don’t believe me, just ask the person who has an affair because they know they need to get out of their marriage or the person who calls in sick to work constantly because they know they hate their job.

What do you know right now? What do you need to listen to? What might you need to pull off of the shelf?

If you are wondering about that insistent little thought that kept popping up in my head, it was simply the notion that I needed to move to a different house. And, so I did. It wasn’t a great distance but it created a wealth of possibilities.

You know what you know. Trust it.

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Ronna October 10, 2011 at

Lovely. True. And an ever-needed call to trust what I know…again. Thank you.
Ronna recently posted..So, I’m writing this book.


Andrea Olson October 10, 2011 at

Yes, trust that the book will appear. :) Thanks, Ronna!!


Vanessa@Luxuria October 10, 2011 at

So true. I call those gentle whispers my angels guiding me. Whenever I am confused or stuck, I just quiet my mind, meditate and invariably the answer suddenley appears; as if it was there all the time, but with all the internal noise, I couldn’t hear it.

So pleased about the move too xx


Andrea Olson October 10, 2011 at

Yes, it’s so good to go to a quiet place… that’s probably why the thought found me in the first place, because I was on a quiet walk. :) Thanks, Vanessa!


Jackie Walker October 10, 2011 at

I used to fight knowing what I know too. I mean really, how could I know it? It was too out there. I pulled one off the shelf last week, and it’s now progressing, it’s really pretty major, I’ve no idea how it’ll work out, or when, but it’s out there! Thank you, I hadn’t realised that’s what I’d done – yay to you :)
Jackie Walker recently posted..Who do you know with Hot Bed Syndrome?


Andrea Olson October 10, 2011 at

Ooooh! I can’t wait to find out what you’ve got cooking. Hurray for you, Jackie!


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